“inVision is an invaluable resource for our CI teams to efficiently curate and effectively socialize our Competitive Intelligence Insights to teams across the globe.”

VP, Global Competitive Intelligence & Strategic Operations Lead…top 20 Pharma
Built by experts | Intelligent Knowledge Management | inPhronesis

Built by Experts

Grounded in 100+ years of healthcare competitive intelligence experience.

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Built for Experts

Create actionable information by adding your insights on top of documents and alerts.

What is inVision

Practical Intelligence

inVision is a distinctive intelligent knowledge management platform focused on the life science sector. Unlike traditional file sharing and collaboration tools, inVision goes one step further. It creates a custom environment to organize, store, and assess information on a daily basis, providing summaries and analysis of what that information means to your business. With specific modules for medical conferences, clinical trial data, drug landscapes, and timelines, users can incorporate information from any source through a customized dashboard that showcases the most relevant data based on selected preferences and roles.

Who is inPhronesis

Our Philosophy

At inPhronesis, we feel that information that you cannot act on is just useless data. Until now, we have been frustrated with the traditional knowledge management system because we felt it was missing the analysis and flexibility required to make data actionable.

inVision Intelligent Knowledge Management Platform offers a dynamic project space

Dynamic Project Space

Flexible project space is 100% customizable and evolves as your business needs change.

Multi-layer Tagging

Content is not siloed, but is integrated into all relevant topics and workstreams.

inVision Intelligent Knowledge Management Platform integrates information from any source

Information From Any Source

Not a file sharing system, but a system which integrates gathering, analyzing, and utilizing information key to your business.

inVision Intelligent Knowledge Management Platform offers customized team views

Team Views

Build customized views for each team with only the topics they need.


Used by 8 of the Top 20 Global Pharma Companies

inVision is currently creating actionable information at some of the largest global Pharma companies, as well as small innovative startups.



Built by a team with over 100+ years of experience in Healthcare Competitive Intelligence.



Used to manage drug pipelines for over 25 key indications.



Actively used by over 2,500 Pharma and Medical Technology employees.


Industry Specific Functionality

inVision is a cloud-based knowledge enhancement system designed for life science market and competitive intelligence. inVision was built by experts for experts – not a file sharing application but a system designed to integrate gathering, analyzing, highlighting and utilizing information based on your business needs. The system distills the vast amounts of competitive data gathered throughout an organization into a space designed to match your key questions and workstreams. The relevant information to make key decisions is always at your fingertips.

Conference Module

Specialized functionality to help manage schedules, collect notes and photos from industry conferences.

Competitive Landscapes

Create multiple dynamic competitive landscapes and pipelines to display graphically.

Clinical Trial Viewer

Track data on key clinical trials, and build comparisons of key data in multiple views.

Phronesis [ froh-nee-sis ] – an ancient Greek word for a type of wisdom or intelligence. More specifically, a type of wisdom relevant to practical action.

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