Conference Calendar Export

inPhronesis has just added the ability to export different versions of a conference schedule and allow you to import into any standard calendaring tool such as Outlook.

Schedules can be filtered by person attending, importance, or keyword designations and then exported. Calendars are easily imported and shared as needed. See the inPhronesis help site for detailed instructions.

New Virtual Conference Functionality

In this uncertain environment, conventions and other events are taking precautions amid the COVID-19 outbreak by either postponing, cancelling, or converting the conference to a full virtual format.

For this reason, we have been adding new functionality to inVision to accommodate virtual conferences and conducting virtual conference debriefs.

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Competitive Landscapes Available in Beta

inPhronesis is happy to announce that our new competitive landscape functionality is now available on a per-client request basis in beta format.  The landscape tool allows for data-driven analysis of a competitive landscape, including graphical presentation of the data.

Request a Demo

Please reach out to your current project lead to request a demo, or use our contact page.

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