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The benefits of knowledge management platforms are many and our inVision suite of knowledge management solutions will be a valuable asset to your business. Our team of consultants has years of experience in Competitive Intelligence and can quickly help set up your project to meet your needs.

Benefits of Knowledge Management Platforms

Knowledge management is vital for companies who rely on research and development. Healthcare and pharmaceutical companies count on up to the minute updates on cutting edge breakthroughs by their own researchers and those working on related projects around the world. Many of those companies take advantage of the benefits of knowledge management platforms to stay ahead of the competition.

What is Knowledge Management?

Knowledge management is the creation, sharing and utilization of an organization’s collective knowledge. Knowledge is power, and knowledge management also includes collection of outside information and analysis of the impact of the organization’s own data. Effective knowledge management is vital, especially in the medical and pharmaceutical industries, as companies compete with one another to be the first to develop cutting edge technologies, treatments and medications.

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5 Benefits of Knowledge Management Platforms

Easy access to the knowledge base of your organization is a valuable asset for any company, and this ease of access is one of the major advantages of a knowledge management platform. Of course, you will want a knowledge management system that is easy to set up and maintain. In addition, with the world moving toward more remote teams, organization through knowledge management platforms will become more important than ever. Some of the other benefits of a knowledge management platform are below.

  • Allows Easy and Immediate Access

    Having vast amounts of knowledge is beneficial, but without proper organization and management, team members would effectively be digging through the company “storage room” to find the relevant information that they are looking for. This method is time consuming and tedious, and in an industry where new research is constantly being published, this method would render a company unable to stay ahead of the competition.

    The inVision knowledge management suite of solutions allows the storage and organization of company data, along with collecting data streams that your team has deemed relevant and allowing access to every member of the team.

  • Promotes Innovation

    When data, as well as the ideas and analysis of team members, is available to everyone, innovation is encouraged. The type of collaboration possible using an effective knowledge management platform is that in which ideas sparked within each team member can be recorded and expanded upon by others.

  • Prevents Duplication of Efforts

    If everyone is working in a bubble of their own, duplication is inevitable. Time is wasted and an opportunity is lost when multiple employees embark on the same path of research without collaboration. As more employees work remotely, this problem is even more inevitable. This benefit of knowledge management platforms is one of the most important in terms of time savings and efficiency of getting information shared.

  • Improves Decision-Making Efforts

    Decisions are only as good as the information they are based on. Knowledge management systems will enable decision makers to have the full and latest information about any given topic, including sales records and research efforts.

  • Allows Transfer of Tacit Knowledge

    Tacit knowledge and explicit knowledge are two types of knowledge possessed by a company’s team. Explicit knowledge is concrete information, which is recorded in documents or in databases.

    Tacit knowledge is that which a person or team “just knows” through experience or intuition. This knowledge allows individuals or teams to perform optimally and make best use of explicit knowledge and processes. Typically, this tacit knowledge is only conferred through person-to-person instruction or with hard won experience. However, if everyone was provided with this knowledge, each person would be better equipped to do their jobs, whether that job entails better research, better customer support and interaction, or improved conveyance of important information to the team.

    A knowledge management system would allow the tacit knowledge to be recorded. Once recorded, everyone on the team would have access. Then even if at some point an experienced employee leaves the company or is unavailable for questions, the tacit knowledge will remain for the benefit of current and new team members.

Knowledge Management in a Remote-Work World

Many companies have moved to remote work environments, so researchers often do their work in relative isolation. In research though, each individual builds upon the work of others whether in their company or those whose fields of interest meet. Knowledge management software, in the case of inVision, a SaaS knowledge management platform, promotes easy knowledge sharing, supports teams engaged in research, and lets team members choose which data they want to access and for which they want to add analysis or notes. In addition, users can subscribe to receive email alerts for key topics and newly released research that they deem important to the work they are conducting.

inVision Product Suite Features

Advanced Solutions

Most packages include setup of your site, basic user roles, and initial configuration of topics.

Topic and KIQ Design

Our consultants can work with you to create a detailed topic structure, Key Intelligence Questions (KIQs), and project structure for you.

Conference Setup

We can import agendas and abstracts from conferences to help with your planning.

Data Feed Integration

We can integrate your existing data feeds or document sources.

Systems Integration

We can integrate with existing Single Sign On (SSO) or other internal systems to streamline user access.

inVision provides all the needed benefits of knowledge management platforms and more. Our suite of solutions improves a company’s intelligence organization and users are kept up to date on information from internal and external sources. Other benefits of this flexible project space include

  • Role Based Access
  • Team Views
  • Document and Workflow Management
  • Conference Module Options
  • Tagging of Content
inVision Dashboard Example, one of the benefits of knowledge management platforms

Contact inPhronesis and Begin Enjoying All the Benefits of Knowledge Management Platforms

As you consider implementing a knowledge management platform like inVision, consider the needs of your business and the work processes of your team members. Our expert team will provide a demonstration detailing the many features and capabilities of our system, then work with you to help you identify the relevant data streams and specific uses that will help your business. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of knowledge management platforms and get a demo of the inVision suite of solutions.

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