Let our expert staff accelerate your project

Our team of consultants have years of experience in Competitive Intelligence and can quickly help set up your project to meet your needs.

Advanced Solutions

Most packages include setup of your site, basic user roles, and initial configuration of topics.

Topic and KIQ Design

Our consultants can work with you to create a detailed topic structure, Key Intelligence Questions (KIQs), and project structure for you.

Conference Setup

We can import agendas and abstracts from conferences to help with your planning.

Data Feed Integration

We can integrate your existing data feeds or document sources.

Systems Integration

We can integrate with existing Single Sign On (SSO) or other internal systems to streamline user access.

Looking for other ways to accelerate your project?

Eager to identify additional means to accelerate your project? Our team of CI consultants and developers at inPhronesis create custom solutions for clients. Even if you find that your situation isn’t fitting neatly into familiar solutions, we have expertise in developing innovative approaches to solve your toughest challenges. We look forward to problem-solving with you.

Phronesis [ froh-nee-sis ] – an ancient Greek word for a type of wisdom or intelligence. More specifically, a type of wisdom relevant to practical action.

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