Managing a team at a large medical conference is difficult. 
It shouldn’t be.

The inVision Conference Module makes it easy.

Frustrated with using spreadsheets, emails and file-sharing services to manage team interactions and content at medical conferences?

Need A Comprehensive Conference Solution?

  • Manage multiple conferences, whether they are:

  • In-Person

  • Virtual

  • Hybrid

  • Multiple conferences can be grouped into an easily searchable parent project.

Customization Options

Every company has specific areas of competition, focus, KITs, and KIQs. inVision has many customizable features specifically designed to meet the needs of any pharmaceutical company team attending a conference. No matter how large, your team can organize schedules easily to ensure attendance of the most relevant sessions to collect all pertinent data.

Rely on the advantages of the inVision Conference Module

Prioritize your team’s custom KITs and KIQs

Easily set and view priorities

Capture pictures/posters

Just snap, drag and drop

Create individual and team schedules

Import into Outlook or Google calendar

Robust search capabilities

Quickly search presentations and posters

Enter notes

Just tap and type.  All team members’ notes are automatically associated with the content from a presentation or poster.

Rely on inVision for In-depth and Comprehensive Medical Conference Coverage

Attending a conference is an investment in money and time away of critical personnel with demanding work schedules. Utilize the InVision product suite to get the highest ROI and power your next strategic and tactical moves to gain a competitive advantage.  Request a demo today.

Learn More About inVision

The best way to understand what inVision can do for you and your team is to get a live demo where we can show you how it can be configured to meet your needs.

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