Advantages of inVision for a Medical Conference

InVision is an invaluable solution that focuses your company’s attendance of a medical conference into a time-effective, strategic event.

InPhronesis understands the needs in the Pharma and Biomedical industries. Our product suite, inVision, is the result of research and development designed to propel the momentum of the companies in these industries by collecting and organizing data that is related directly to their key intelligence topics (KITs) and key intelligence questions (KIQs). In addition to the basic platform, we offer individual modules for medical conferences.

InVision, a metadata driven platform, is an invaluable solution that focuses your company’s attendance of a conference into a time effective, strategic event. InVision promotes the selection and pre-planning of your attendance to get the most benefit, augments your product and market analysis, organizes your efforts and shares critical information in “real time” for enhanced collaboration and shared insight, provides Competitive Intelligence (CI) and delivers actionable knowledge. In essence it makes your valuable time more productive as well as less stressful.

Medical Conference Module

Our conference module has specialized functionality to help manage schedules, as well as collect notes and photos from industry conferences. This module is an additional option for inVision users that can be utilized whether conferences are in-person or virtual, as is more common as of 2020.

The conference module is perfect for gathering the diverse data released at pharmacological and medical conferences. During sessions our medical conference coverage module populates with notes, slides, images, commentary by key opinion leaders (KOL), and other data points. Information that is collected is tagged and made available to your team through the inVision portal. Your team members attending the conference can input data as well during the meeting using laptops or tablets.

inVision dashboard for Medical Conference Module | inPhronesis

Customization Options

Every company has specific areas of competition, focus, KITs, and KIQs. Our experts ensure that you get the most pertinent data from select sessions of the medical conference that are decided upon before the conference begins. No matter how large, your team can organize schedules easily to ensure attendance of the most relevant sessions to collect all pertinent data. Team members can enter their own data and insights into the database. Users can filter the data to see what was revealed at specific sessions, what the KOLs added to the conversation, and any analysis done by the team. This allows your team to find information quickly, apply all the data and see the significance as it relates to your company and your research.

Nine Advantages of inVision-Powered Medical Conference Attendance

1. Consolidates Data

The conference module acts as a centralized platform and repository for the collection, storage, interpretation, synthesis and analysis of conference information into CI.

2. Provides Actionable Competitive Intelligence (CI)

Creates a reliable and customizable process to disseminate actionable CI to attendees and stakeholders. The whole organization benefits from a legitimate “group think” environment.

3. Enhances selected session attendance most useful to your requirements

Before the conference, we work with you to decide on the must-attend sessions, and we set up the schedule to ensure coverage.

4. Focuses data gathering, filtering and documentation for analysis and reporting

The information that is disseminated at the conference is organized and filterable so your team members can access the data in the way that is most useful.

5. Allows attendees to get the most out of each session of the medical conference

No matter how small or large your team, you can get the information shared at all sessions of interest with our medical conference module. The relevant data gets entered into the system and is available to the entire team for analysis and input.

6. Provides a platform for team collaboration and idea sharing

Team members can input data, analysis, images, charts, and more that is then visible to the entire team and available for commentary.

7. Incorporates market and industry metadata with conference literature to provide a powerful platform for assessing market and competitive status

The medical conference module makes data a part of your inVision portal, introducing new research and allowing team members to see all of the data in one place, organized in a way that makes the most sense for your company.

8. Allows targeted conference selection

Attendance at some conferences is unmanageable due to schedules, staffing or budgetary constraints. InVision’s conference module allows companies to collect data from conferences even if the full staff is unable to attend.

9. Increases Marketplace intelligence and pre-planning objectives

Companies benefit from the pre-planning and organization that allows them to collect all the pertinent cutting-edge data presented at medical conferences.

Rely on inVision for In-depth and Comprehensive Medical Conference Coverage

Attending a conference is an investment in money and time away of critical personnel with demanding work schedules. Utilize the InVision product suite to get the highest ROI and power your next strategic and tactical moves to gain a competitive advantage.  Request a demo today.

Learn More About inVision

The best way to understand what inVision can do for you and your team is to get a live demo where we can show you how it can be configured to meet your needs.

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