Are you eager to identify an advanced approach to medical conference coverage? 

The inVision conference module is optimized for in person, virtual, and hybrid medical conference coverage.

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been adding new functionality to inVision to accommodate virtual conferences and debriefs. inVision’s conference module is uniquely suited for biopharma companies to access relevant congress data and analysis, even if they are not attending the convention onsite. Available for an in-person or virtual conference, the system provides organized access to slide decks, presentation notes, and Q&A highlights. Data is maintained on your customized project site for an unlimited number of users.

Typical Practice of Teams at Pharmaceutical Conferences

Every company has its own specific KIQs and KITs, and therefore each company will prioritize different sessions. However, the number of sessions, subjects, and abstracts (usually thousands in one 3-4 day pharmaceutical conference) can be too much for a team to physically cover in a few days. In addition, the medical and commercial booths where new products are introduced, and the opportunity to speak with other attending scientists or doctors, are also vital and time must be set aside for these activities. So, teams typically must carefully review the offerings and schedules to decide which sessions to attend. The process looks something like this.

7 Typical Steps For Attending Pharmaceutical Conferences

1. Define the team’s top concerns and interests

Determine what the team’s Key Intelligence Topics (KITs) and Key Intelligence Questions (KIQs) are.

2. Identify the Content Offered and Create a Conference Schedule

Examine the subjects and determine the value of what will be presented. Compare the KIQs and the KITs to the offered sessions and abstracts and decide which ones would be vital or beneficial.

3. Prioritize Content

Of the many sessions and abstracts, determine which ones will be prioritized if choices must be made.

Example of inVision Dashboard for Pharmaceutical Conferences | inPhronesis

4. Assign Content to Team Members

Set a schedule for team members to cover the key sessions and abstracts. Ensure that team members focus on reporting objectives, design, results, conclusions, key takeaways, and strategic relevance to the team’s research.

5. Share Insights Internally

Have each team member report the insights from their sessions to the rest of the team. This step allows all members to have the knowledge base to make connections in remaining sessions.

6. Share Insights with Stakeholders

Collect the key insights from all the sessions or talks and present them to the stakeholders.

7. Share and Analyze Feedback

During the course of the conference, the team may conclude that some elements of the plan are working poorly, or that some presentations fell short of their assumed value in the prioritization. This data is valuable for determining the strategies of future pharmaceutical conferences.

inVision Conference Module Advantages

Each of these steps represents even more actual work and coordination. A team’s inability to attend every conference, a team member’s missing a key point of an abstract, and the sometimes staggering amount of information that has to be gathered and placed in relevant virtual “folders” can mean missed opportunities. The inVision product suite helps teams overcome these shortfalls.

inVision as a platform already allows the collection of data and insights and the cataloging of relevant research and abstracts, as well as team member insights and notes. The pharmaceutical conference module adds another level of value. Whether your team will be attending a conference or if they are unable to make certain important conferences, they can still collect the vital data presented at the conference.

inPhronesis works with you to discuss your company’s needs and your KIQs and KITs, then personalizes the module to meet those needs. While the conference is going on, our pharmaceutical conference coverage module populates with notes, slides, images, commentary by key opinion leaders (KOL), and other data points. Information that is collected is tagged and made available to your team through the inVision portal.

No matter how large, your team can easily organize schedules to ensure attendance of the most relevant sessions to collect all pertinent data. Team members can enter their own data and insights into the database. Users can filter the data to see what was revealed at specific sessions, what the KOLs added to the conversation, and any team analysis. This feature allows your team to find information quickly, apply all the data, and see the significance as it relates to your company and your research.

Rely on inVision for In-depth and Comprehensive Pharmaceutical Conference Coverage

Attending a pharmaceutical conference is an investment in money and time of critical personnel with demanding work schedules. Let inVision give you the highest ROI and fuel your next strategic and tactical moves to gain a competitive advantage. Contact us for details today.

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